Did you know there are FREE Debt Counselling options available all over New Zealand ?

It’s free to know that help is just a phone call away, and Ive put together a quick guide get you the help you need.

If it’s free, why do I charge ?

Peoples financial situations vary, I understand that some people visiting Nuke your debt may not have the financial means to pay for advice.

I’m also a firm believer in the evidence that shows when you pay for something using your own money, you are psychological more invested.

I also challenge my clients to commit to a process.

If you are concerned your situation is approaching critical, and you are in need of some direction, book an appointment with me today. A small investment in time getting good advice, can end up saving you $1000’s after time.

If you feel you’re at a stage where your situation is beyond critical, please reach out to one of the organisations I’ve listed below.

Here are some options for you today.

MoneyTalks is a free helpline for people experiencing financial hardship or unmanageable debt. Contact MoneyTalks on 0800 345 123. MoneyTalks provide support over the phone or by email or online.

I highly recommended CAP, they works with local churches to release New Zealanders from debt & poverty. They provide practical support, and all services are FREE, friendly and focused on the best way to help you, whether you’re struggling with debt, unemployment, a life-controlling habit or living on a low income. Call their Freephone number on 0508 227 111 or visit them online.

The Citizens Advice Bureau also offers budgeting and debt management counselling in some locations, however the services offered vary from branch to branch, but usually cover Debt Crisis Help, One-on-One Budgeting and ​Ongoing Budgeting Assistance.

Debt problems will spiral beyond control if left unresolved, It’s important to take responsibility for your situation now and to reach out for help.

Either taking advice from a free service above, or working with Richard from Nuke Your Debt one-on-one Is the best decision you can make right now.