About me

I’m Richard, I’m a registered financial advisor and debt coach.

I live in Taranaki, New Zealand with my young family.

My passion is helping people discover the freedom that comes from getting out of debt, living within your means through effective money management, and helping people discover what’s really important to them.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated with money, it’s uses, its opportunities, its problems and the part it plays in society. 

This fascination set me on a course of learning about money. Having completed a bachelor of business majoring in finance and marketing, working for multiple big banks and running my own businesses, I’ve seen and experienced first hand the benefits of being smart with money and the benefits of earning compounding interest, and the misery that comes with being stuck under a mountain of debt.

The long held belief is more money equals more wealth, but often the pitfalls of more being more wealthy are overlooked. Being super wealthy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be happier. 

Put simply, how we manage money, determines how much freedom we enjoy. 

Richard Harding, Registered Financial Service provider, FSP720472.